Outcross Clients

The Outcross Group - servicing over 700 Agents and Saleyards around Australia



We work with saleyards to improve their operations, infrastructure and business practice.

  • Saleyard managers like the improved weighing speeds
  • Weighing staff like the choice of order to weigh in
  • And the office likes accurate data, available in real time.


Our best practice system means agents can:

  • save drafting time
  • access instant information on sale run
  • access to sale information when off site
  • give clients sales reports before the sale ends.

Pre-sale scanning enables agents to continue to change lots, and draft with fewer staff. Outcross Systems provide agency management software to over 350 livestock agents'offices, Australia wide.


Our best practice system means vendors have sales reports within minutes of the hammer falling. They can also access images and video of individual sale lots, and a sale catalogue before the sale starts.

Local Government

Our excellent safety and NLIS compliance record gives Local Government confidence in meeting regulatory requirements.

Our operational and infrastructure reviews enable sustainable planning for the future.

State Government

Outcross expertise gave the Victorian Government confidence in introducing NLIS (Sheep and Goats), by trialling the approach in nine saleyards.


Universities, including UQ, partner with Outcross’s expertise to ensure their research delivers benefits for industry, peak bodies and academia.

Mining Companies

Our expertise in livestock management and research provided clear, unequivocal evidence for the New Hope Group.