Outcross Systems technology supports 85% of Australian saleyards through their trusted software platforms including STOCKYARD and STOCKYARD MOBILE.

Stockyard is customised to manage complex, large scale livestock businesses and provides fully integrated livestock management and accounting.

Stockyard Mobile provides the next generation of mobile technology enabling you to run everything from your smart phone.

Our software is designed for saleyards, by saleyard professionals.

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Outcross - Best practice sale management

Fully integrated

Livestock selling, bulk billing and accounting systems for both agents and saleyards.


Guaranteed data integrity with access control for all procedures, utilising real time data replication with Outcross Systems data warehousing.

Completely customisable

Flexible to the scanning process that best suits you. A tablet based system means the data can be captured at the pen, draft, lane, and ramp.


Wi-fi outages don't need to interrupt scanning. Once the connection is back up, data is synced to the service and all devices across the yard.